Lavisano GreenProbiotic

Does your horse have problems with its digestive or metabolic system? Are you concerned about its well-being because it doesn’t look happy? Does your horse suffer recurrent ailments that you are unable to get under control? Lavisano GreenProbiotic can help to normalise your horse’s digestive system. Does your horse suffer from recurrent digestive pain or cramps? Is it passing faecal water, or has it already had colic? These and many other digestive problems can be feed-related. You are very welcome to contact our team for an in-depth consultation. Send an e-mail to and we’ll be happy to help you.

Feed recommendation

The dosage has to be adapted to the horse’s breed, size, weight, type and exercise programme. It’s important to take the horse’s individual requirements into account.

  • As a roughage substitute: 1.0kg Lavisano GreenProbiotic daily for each 100kg target body weight
  • To supplement the roughage in the basic diet: Substitute 1kg Lavisano GreenProbiotic for approx. 1.5kg hay (regular-sized horses) or 1.5-2.0kg hay (small horses)

Always ensure that the horse has plenty of fresh water to drink.

Analytical constituents and volumes: (Slight deviations are possible as a result of varying nutrient levels in the raw materials. Please refer to the declaration on the sack for precise values.)

12% raw protein, 0.5% lysine, 0.2% methionine, 2.7% crude fat, 20% crude fibre, 8% crude ash, 1.1% calcium, 0.4% phosphorous, 0.3% sodium, 0.12% magnesium

Feed additives: (per kg)

10,000 IU vit. A (3a672a), 1,000 IU vit. D3 (3a671), 45mg vit. E (3a700), 50mg iron (Fe2 carbonate; 3b101), 50mg zinc (Zn-oxide; 3b603), 40mg manganese (Mn2 oxide; 3b502), 5mg copper (Cu2-sulphate; 3b405), 0.1mg selenium (sodium selenite; 3b801)

Sensory additives:

Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077(4a1711) 6 FTU


Lucerne meal, oat hulls, wheat bran, toasted barley, extruded linseed, calcium carbonate, hemp meal, sodium chloride

Voluntary information on nutrient flow budget: Contains 1.92% nitrogen (N) and 0.92 P2o 5%.

The Raiffeisen feed factory in Kehl uses no genetically modified raw materials whatsoever in the production process and is VLOG-certified.

From the REGION for the REGION. Lavisano contains high proportions of regional raw materials and all raw materials have European origin.

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