Lavisano - the original horse feed

Lavisano® was developed on the basis of the horse’s original diet and our knowledge of the specific and special aspects of the equine digestive system.

Horses originated in the Dasht-e-Kavir desert in Persia (today Iran) which is not a steppe. It’s a salt desert with sparse vegetation. Although the zebra is also an equine that lives on the edge of the African steppe, it’s not an animal that most of us would want to ride. The first ponies were found in the polar region, where winters last 7-8 months. These places of origin are a good indication of what horses need to eat.

Our horses’ ancestors lived in a very barren environment where it was a real challenge to find food. Only the experienced herds found the rare feeding grounds and they had to travel long distances to get there. That’s why modern-day horse intestines find it difficult to cope with ad libitum feeding concepts. They actually need pauses between meals so that their intestines can digest the food and to prevent acidosis. A healthy horse will always take breaks from eating at its own initiative. The length of those breaks is important. Even when the horse is healthy, they should not exceed 4 hours.